Different results with -O0 -openmp or -O3 -openmp

Authored by Jack S.

Hi all, 

I developed a FORTRAN (F90) code (its a large model) with the following compilation flags :

ifort -g -O0 -openmp -openmp_report -threads -ipo

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Unable to install the Fortran(x64)

Authored by Weilin D.

I have install Visual studio 2008 on my computer and now I want to install the fortran (X64). However, the installation failed and I got the following message:

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Debug/release versions of .mod files

Authored by Simon B.

If I have separate debug and release versions of a Fortran module, the difference being solely one of compiler flags, will the .mod file differ between them?

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write(*,*) in function called by another write(*,*)

Authored by Simon


I used to put some "write(*,*)" in my code when I want quick and easy checks of what is happening.

Today I encountered an error while doing this with ifort :

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Stack Trace

Authored by P R.


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Visual Fortran run-time error

Authored by Weilin D.

I am in the process of running a exe file, and shortly after the start of the running the exe stops running and displays a WIndows box headed 'Visual Fortran run-time error' with the following mess

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F77 Data statement to F90 parameter - something not quite right

Authored by TommyCee

Here I go again - messing w/ F77 code from the late 90s.  This little subroutine has been converted to F90 but something's not quite right w/ the conversion of the 2 DATA statements.  The parameter

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Setting upper and lower limits to integer variable values

Authored by warwickb


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problem with openmp directives in gedit/emacs

Authored by Marios G.

Hello everyone,

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Cannot get rid of 2019 and 1120 errors

Authored by Milos S.

I'm having problem with these errors for weeks. I read every topic based on this problem but no advice worked for me.

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