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新版unity中如何配置Android X86平台

从unity4.6版本开始,unity已经对Android系统支持x86平台的编译构建了,同时也支持了通用二进制 (通用二进制作为默认的编译选项)。


Authored by 斌 王. Last updated on 09/30/2015 - 20:20
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WearHacks Kicks Off in Toronto

WearHacks is an international non-profit organization headquartered in Montreal, focused on the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship in Wearable

Authored by WAI LUN POON (Intel) Last updated on 08/21/2015 - 09:38
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New Windows* 8 Code Samples on Intel Developer Zone

The following code samples will help developers get started writing both Windows Store apps (9 samples) and Windows 8 Desktop (1 sample).

Authored by Gael Hofemeier (Intel) Last updated on 03/11/2015 - 09:47

NFC Application Development on Android* with Case Studies

Authored by Liang Zhang (Intel) Last updated on 09/09/2014 - 14:21
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Are You Tracking Your Usability Bugs?

The answer is "almost". There are two types of bugs: Reliability and Usability.

Authored by Asaf Shelly Last updated on 02/20/2014 - 15:43

Android* 上的 NFC 应用开发与案例研究


NFC(近场通信)是一种基于标准的短距离无线连接技术,支持在电子设备间进行简单、直观的双向互动。 触摸 NFC 设备,并在两台 NFC 设备之间通信非常方便。 例如,借助智能手机集成的 NFC 技术,您可以轻松触控手机来购买物品、分享名片、下载打折券等。 您将会看到许多基于 NFC 的新用法在未来开发。

Authored by Liang Zhang (Intel) Last updated on 02/16/2014 - 23:12

Intel App Show for Developers 34

The Intel AppUp® developer portal is no longer available for submitting apps.

Authored by Jerry Makare (Intel) Last updated on 10/15/2013 - 16:11
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Near Field Communication on Android* Tablets and Hand-held Devices - An Introduction


Authored by Last updated on 09/06/2013 - 18:26
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NFC and Ultrabooks as Point of Sale Systems

Along with other innovative Ultrabook technologies introduced at IDF 2012 in San Francisco, we heard about the implemen

Authored by Wendy Boswell (Intel) Last updated on 09/06/2013 - 18:26
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