Using MPI-3 Shared Memory in Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processors

This whitepaper introduces the MPI-3 shared memory feature, the corresponding APIs, and a sample program to illustrate the use of MPI-3 shared memory in the Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor.

Authored by Nguyen, Loc Q Last updated on 03/30/2017 - 11:08

Seamless Edge-to-Cloud IoT Integration Speeds Time to Market

Solution providers achieve end-to-end integration, deliver actionable customer insights, and gain a competitive advantage with the Intel® IoT Platform and Google Cloud Platform* A fully integrated edge-to-cloud IoT infrastructure solution can help to improve business insights that provide a true competitive advantage.
Authored by Sundar Subramaniam (Intel) Last updated on 03/30/2017 - 10:38

Installing Android Things* on the Intel® Joule™ Module

This guide describes how to setup your Intel®

Authored by admin Last updated on 03/30/2017 - 07:21

Android Things* Developer Preview Now Available on the Intel® Edison board

Today Google released their developer p

Authored by Beare, Bruce J Last updated on 03/30/2017 - 07:18


《不语者》(Unspoken* ) 是一款由 Insomniac Games* 公司开发的第一人称魔咒虚拟现实游戏,采用了 Oculus Touch* 控制器。 Insomniac Games 是一家经验丰富的家用游戏机开发公司,他们的内部引擎经过扩展后可以支持虚拟现实。 从帧速率为 30 fps 的家用游戏机,到高端虚拟现实设备上的 90 fps,帧速率的大幅提升要求更好的性能感知设计,以及引擎性能改善,以实现最大程度地利用系统资源。 本文介绍了如何检测系统级别的引擎中所存在的技术瓶颈,其背后的原因是什么?以及如何消除这些瓶颈以提升性能。
Authored by Raja B. (Intel) Last updated on 03/29/2017 - 23:59

Diagnostic 15344: loop was not vectorized: vector dependence prevents vectorizationxxxx

This vectorization diagnostic is emitted starting from Intel(R) C++ Compiler 15.0. 

Authored by Anoop M. (Intel) Last updated on 03/29/2017 - 17:52

[How to fix] MS VS2015 text editor is blank after upgrading Intel® parallel Studio XE

Some customer may have a issue that the Visual Studio* (VS) text editor is blank and could not display content of code file after upgrading Intel® Parallel Studio XE (IPS).

Authored by Fiona Z. (Intel) Last updated on 03/29/2017 - 17:51

Intel® XDK FAQs - General

Provides frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to developing apps with the Intel® XDK, such as how to get started as a new user, installing more than one version of Intel XDK, signing an app and updating or uninstalling Intel XDK. It also covers questions related to the built-in Brackets editor, differences between mobile platforms, specifying app settings, and other topics.
Authored by Anusha M. (Intel) Last updated on 03/29/2017 - 16:49

End User License Agreements

The following are the primary software development product End User License Agreements used at Intel:

Authored by King-Wojcik, Christina Last updated on 03/29/2017 - 15:49

Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor Applications

This presentation is an expanding collection of Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor application showcase and proof points that demonstrate improved software performance for key applications and benchmarks in key business segments, such as Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Finance, Energy and more.
Authored by Mike P. (Intel) Last updated on 03/29/2017 - 15:08
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