Currently, there are a number of synchronization mechanisms available, and it is left to the application developer to choose an appropriate one to minimize overall synchronization overhead.
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Non-blocking system calls allow the competing thread to return on an unsuccessful attempt to the lock, and allow useful work to be done, thereby avoiding wasteful utilization of execution resources at the same time.
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使用线程化 API 提供的同步例程,而非手工编写同步例程

Application programmers sometimes write hand-coded synchronization routines rather than using constructs provided by a threading API in order to reduce synchronization overhead or provide different functionality than existing constructs offer.
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Incorrect results from ippsSqrt_64f_A53 when ippSetFlushToZero is enabled

C++ test program attached, which gives the following output:

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Using Modern Code to Simulate Brain Development: Interview with Lukas Breitweiser, Intern at CERN openlab

Lukas Breitweiser discusses the importance of applying modern code and parallel computing to drive scientific exploration and discoveries in the context of his CERN openlab internship.  An internsh

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采访英特尔® 现代代码开发人员挑战赛特等奖获得者 Mathieu Gravey

Mathieu Gravey 介绍了他的英特尔® 现代代码开发人员挑战赛参赛之旅,以及获得奖品 — CERN openlab 实习机会的喜悦。 在参赛过程中,他将现代代码和基于英特尔至强处理器的并行计算应用于优化大脑模拟代码,并将其性能提升了高达 32,000%。 对于此次实习,他希望与世界顶尖的研究科学家合作实现生物和信息系统的融合。

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Part 3: Expressing Parallelism with Vectors

Episode 3 of the “Hands-On Workshop (HOW) series on parallel programming and optimization with Intel architectures” introduces data parallelism and automatic vectorization.

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