英特尔® XDK 及英特尔® XDK IoT Edition 十一月更新已发布!


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借助基于 MPICH 的应用使用英特尔® MPI 库 5.0


不同的 MPI 实现具备不同的优势。 因此在特定集群环境中,采用其他 MPI 实现的 HPC 应用可能能够提供更高的性能。

 英特尔® MPI 库 具备以下优势:

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英特尔®XDK 及英特尔®XDK IoT Edition 十一月更新发布


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compile failure for recursive derived type input-output

WARNING: If the code below does not compile immediately, please Ctrl-C fast; otherwise, huge cores are being produced, and you may have to restart your workstation. 

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Intel vPro Remote Power Management Integration

Frequently I get developers asking about how do we integrate Intel vPro commands within my management console?

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Learn about the latest Windows* & Intel technology across multiple devices.
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在不编写 AVX 代码的情况下使用 AVX

Using AVX Without Writing AVX Code (PDF 260KB)

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为基于英特尔® 架构的 Android* 平板电脑开发移动游戏显卡 — 第一部分

作者: Clay Montgomery

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在 Windows* 主机上调试英特尔® 至强融核™ 应用

目录 简介 面向英特尔® MIC 的调试解决方案
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Intel® XDK Early Access from Intel® XDK Documentation

If you are willing to try the newest features while using pre-release software to try the newest features, consider Intel® XDK Early Access.

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