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I/O Bug? (32 vs 64-bit Compile)

I'm curious if others would consider the following to be a bug.

Given the following code:

Authored by Thomas F. Last updated on 05/29/2017 - 06:20

How to use offload over fabric with Knights Landing (Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor)

Offload over Fabric overview
Authored by Jan Z. (Intel) Last updated on 05/29/2017 - 06:20
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Fail to initialize H264 encoder


I have a problem  for H264 encoder  with image size 2448 * 2448.

When I compression H264 stream first time , works well.

Authored by danielwang1971 Last updated on 05/29/2017 - 06:28
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I use ifort compiler. in my code i need random integer number between 1<= i <=64.

Authored by mohammad b. Last updated on 05/29/2017 - 06:35
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-check , -warn and -diag-enable=all

All three of those compiler flags seem to do similar things.

Authored by Vishnu Last updated on 05/29/2017 - 06:36
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Copy & Paste text doesn't work

Hello guys,

I hope someone can help me,

Authored by Jeffrey P. Last updated on 05/29/2017 - 06:45

Intel® System Studio 2017 - Release Notes

This page provides the current Release Notes and Getting Started Documents for Intel® System Studio 2017.

Authored by Alexander Weggerle (Intel) Last updated on 05/29/2017 - 06:45

Configuring Model Topology from Intel's Deep Learning Training Tool Developer Guide

In the second stage you need to configure the topology of the model.

Last updated on 05/29/2017 - 05:13
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The Sonic the Hedgehog 2 HD project is back

Sonic the Hedgehog has been a long running series that has put the rails in where the video gaming train would suffice its road.

Authored by Victor Lopez (Intel) Last updated on 05/29/2017 - 06:52
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External output


In the basic app example I get the following error when I try to start an external output:

Authored by david c. Last updated on 05/29/2017 - 06:53
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