Code Sample: Watering System in C++

This automatic watering system application is part of a series of how-to Intel® Internet of Things (IoT) Technology code sample exercises using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit, Intel® Edison board, cloud platforms, APIs, and other technologies.
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Docker images for Intel Python

We have published docker images for Intel Python.

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Internet of Things: A Plant Monitor on the Intel® Edison Board

Over the past several years, the Internet of Things (IOT) has gained increasing attention from developers and consumers alike. You can now control almost everything in your home from your AC to your lights with a simple click of an app on your phone. In this article we make a plant monitor using the Intel® Edison board that autonomously waters a plant when the moisture level is too low and gives...
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Using Libraries in Your IoT Project

Functions and Libraries
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Upgrading Intel® IoT Developer Kit libraries – Intel® Edison or Intel® Galileo board

Your Intel® Edison or Intel® Galileo board came with the official operating system, based on Yocto Linux* and the latest version of the

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missing dll for viewing watch variables

Hello!  When I try to use watch variables I get the message: "An error occurred while attempting to load an expression evaluator dll".  I get this with FORTRAN XE Composer 2016 and the new 2017, de

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Performance of a particular process using perfmon

Hi All

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Incorrect warning on STOP range ?

When using IVF with /stand:f08, and a statement like "STOP 2147483647", I get the following warning:

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Multivariate outlier detection and robust estimates with DAAL


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icc 17.0.1 crashes on valid C++ code on x86_64-linux-gnu (Segmentation violation signal raised)

Compiler version and platform: 

Intel(R) C Intel(R) 64 Compiler for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version Build 20161005 

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