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Why threading matters for Ashes of the Singularity*

By building a new engine and using Direct3D* 12, Oxide made it possible for Ashes of the Singularity to use all available processor cores. It runs great on a typical gaming system and scales up to run even better on systems with more cores. You can use these same techniques in your game to get the best performance from your CPU.
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Smarter Security Camera: A Proof of Concept (PoC) Using the Intel® IoT Gateway

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NERSC Optimizes Application Performance with Roofline Analysis

The National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) is the pri

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Intel and Qihoo 360 Internet Portal Datacenter - Big Data Storage Optimization Case Study

The adoption of cloud computing creates many challenges and opportunities in big data management and storage.

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How to Reduce Your Data Center Footprint

Learn about innovative ways to address the rapidly increasing growth of Video streaming demands while reducing your data center footprint and costs.
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借助英特尔集成显卡,优化提升PC版 Halo War*2 性能

当来自英国的顶级工作室 Creative Assembly* 开始开发 Halo Wars* 2 时,他们的目标很宏伟,他们希望游戏在 DirectX* 12 支持的各种设置上运行,在各个硬件层面上都具有较强的可玩性——包括高级台式机 PC 配置和笔记本电脑。 尽管通过一系列的优化,配有独立显卡的高端系统的游戏体验在不断增强,他们团队仍将进一步探索针对英特尔集成显卡和多核处理功能如何进行游戏优化。
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Case Study – Using the Intel® Deep Learning SDK for Training Image Recognition Models

In this case study, we explore LeNet*,one of the prominent image recognition topologies for handwritten digit recognition, and show how the training tool can be used to visually set up, tune, and train the Mixed National Institute of Standards and Technology (MNIST) dataset on Caffe* optimized for Intel® architecture. Data scientists are the intended audience.
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Tencent Ultra-Cold Storage System Optimization with Intel® ISA-L – A Case Study

Describes the collaboration between Tencent and Intel to optimize the ultra-cold storage project in Tencent File System* (TFS) using the XOR functions in Intel® ISA-L.
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Optimizations Enhance Halo Wars* 2 For PCs with Intel Integrated Graphics

When top UK-based studio Creative Assembly* began their ambitious work on Halo Wars* 2, they wanted the game to run on a variety of settings supported by DirectX* 12, and to be playable up and down the hardware ladder. While many of the optimizations also enhanced the game for high-end systems with discrete graphics cards, this white paper will explore the team’s efforts for Intel® Integrated...
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