ARcher ARcade Augmented FPS game

Intel® Software Innovator Pedro Kayatt, of VR-Monkey, demos a new type of game where the room is the new level.  Using Intel® RealSense™ Technology long-range camera, Pedro is able to scan his envi

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Intel® Software Innovators at SIGGRAPH 2017

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Intel® Software Innovator Silviu-Tudor Serban: Using 3D Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Innovation

With a life-long interest in 3D technology Silviu-Tudor Serban has been creating interactive environments since childhood.

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Cappasity: 3D Scanning Technology Platform by Intel® Software Innovator Konstantin Popov

Konstantin Popov has used his expertise in 3D technologies to build the Cappasity platform.

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AR/VR Tools and Tech Meetup, Austin Sept 2017: Apple* ARKit and Google* ARCore

The AR/VR Tools and Tech meetup was formed in July in Austin, Texas and is focused on exploring all the newest tech tricks on a

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Austin Unity Group Meetup, October 2017: Unity* Engine and VR

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Innovators of Tomorrow | Pedro Kayatt

This episode features Pedro Kayatt and his work in VR.

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Working in VR to Create VR Content

In this article, Author discuss some of the challenges involved in creating content for VR from a developer’s perspective and look at some ways that our team is changing the process we use so that we can create content more efficiently, more effectively, and more collaboratively.
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Vitruvian Game Wingsuit—VR Automation

Through virtual reality and an electronically controlled mechanism, the wingsuit flight simulator calls to mind the Vitruvian Man of Leonardo da Vinci. The user controls the flight with a joystick and wears a backpack that wirelessly (thanks to the battery) creates virtual reality. You can fly anywhere for a unique experience. The engines, in full security, allow the person to move like a...
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