Crooked Sheriff: Creating a VR Wild West Escape Room Experience

We see VR escape-room experiences less as a replacement for the physical equivalent and more as a complement. A hybrid of both creates a fascinating experience. Building a VR experience from the ground up in Unity software 3D provided an opportunity to learn a great deal. We hope the knowledge and tips we’ve shared from the development of Crooked Sheriff help you create awesome VR projects.
Authored by Silviu-Tudor Serban Last updated on 09/18/2018 - 10:38

Crooked Sheriff:打造 VR 狂野西部密室逃脱体验

我们很少将 VR 密室逃脱体验视作现实密室逃脱体验的替代品,更多地将其视作是一种补充。两者之间的混合能够打造出一种无与伦比的体验。使用 Unity 软件 3D 从头创建 VR 体验能够让我们有机会学到很多。
Authored by Silviu-Tudor Serban Last updated on 12/19/2018 - 02:26