Testing on Android* in the Fragmented Market eSeminar

This eSeminar, led by Intel, focuses on different avenues to test your Android application in the growing fragmented market.

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IDF'15 Webcast: Data Analytics and Machine Learning

This Technology Insight will demonstrate how to optimize data analytics and machine learning workloads for Intel® Architecture based data center platforms. Speaker: Pradeep Dubey Intel Fellow, Intel Labs Director, Parallel Computing Lab, Intel Corporation
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Video Transcode Solutions from Intel: Simple, Fast, Efficient Webinar

In a world where internet video use is skyrocketing and consumers expect High Definition and UHD/4K viewing anytime, anywhere and on any device, deliver live and on-demand video faster, more effici

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Get Amazing Intel GPU Acceleration for Media Pipelines - Webinar Replay

Media application developers: Learn how to access the heterogeneous capabilities of Intel® Core™ and Intel® Xeon® processors1 to unlock amazing faster performance for your media applicat

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Voice Control Framework with Intel® NUC and Amazon Alexa*

Learn how to use Intel® IoT Technology and Amazon Alexa* skills to create custom voice powered IoT solutions.

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Ubuntu* Core on an Intel® NUC

Ubuntu* Core is a version of the Ubuntu Linux* distribution modified for use on IoT devices. It employs a "snap" packaging system, originally developed for Ubuntu Mobile Devices, and brings many phone “features” to the IoT developer.
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Introduction to Deep Learning with neon™

This video introduces the basic deep learning concepts necessary to both understand the neon™ codebase and build your own deep learning models.

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Part 2 | Intelligent Vending Machine—An IoT Solution for Retail Industry

This presentation demonstrates a rapid path­-to­-product IoT solution for retail.

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Part 3 | Shop Smart with IoT Using Microsoft Azure and Intel® IoT Platform

In this session, explore the basics of both business-consumer and business-business retail transactions, for example, using beacon technology and blockchain.

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Accelerating Lossless Data Compression Code for Cloud and Edge Applications

Compressing and decompressing data is increasingly important to save storage space and improve communication efficiency.

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