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Resultados do Intel IoT Roadshow de Junho de 2015 em São Paulo



Authored by Jomar Silva (Intel) Last updated on 02/05/2016 - 14:38
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My Favorite Event of the Year: Nigeria Training Workshop

I’ve travelled to a lot of roadshows, meetups and  industry events in 2014 in my role as the USA Community Manager for the Internet Of Things Developer Progr

Authored by Stewart C. (Intel) Last updated on 02/04/2016 - 15:46
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IoT - Internet of Toilet? and EElive Preview

There's a lot of IoT news and articles being published lately and this is just a sample of articles that I saw in the past week.

Authored by Stewart C. (Intel) Last updated on 02/03/2016 - 16:14
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Why the Yocto Project isn't called "Linux"

Authored by David Stewart (Intel) Last updated on 01/29/2016 - 14:51
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基于英特尔® Edison 并配置网络摄像头的条形码扫描仪

鉴于条码扫描已在移动设备上得到广泛应用,用户可能想要使用英特尔® Edison 运行自动化条码扫描。

Authored by matthias-hahn (Intel) Last updated on 01/26/2016 - 17:58
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IoT roadshow 台灣站 各路高手匯集!

IoT roadshow 台灣站 順利落幕,這次活動中Hackathon的部分,各路高手參與,最後選出第一名一位,第二名兩位,第三名三位。分別介紹如下:

Authored by Anderson C. (Intel) Last updated on 12/30/2015 - 09:33
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Participe do Intel IoT Roadshow 2015 - Sao Paulo

Nos dias 19 e 20 de Junho, vamos realizar em São Paulo, no Insper, a edição brasileira do Intel IoT Roadshow 2015, uma série de 20 eventos que serão realizados em diversos países, divulgando o kit

Authored by Jomar Silva (Intel) Last updated on 12/30/2015 - 09:19
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The 0-Day Challenge: What is the Pulse of the Internet?

The core components of the Internet get updated constantly. Every time the source changes, the health and performance can change. A single source code change can fail to build, can break compatibility with existing code and can change the performance anywhere from a fraction of a percent up to 10% or more on major customer workloads. We're trying to read the pulse of our core components (Python,...
Authored by David Stewart (Intel) Last updated on 12/23/2015 - 15:38
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Announcing the Intel Developer Program for IoT

I just came from the Intel press conference at Mobile World Congress where Renee James announced the new Intel Developer Program for Internet of Things (

Authored by scott-apeland (Intel) Last updated on 12/23/2015 - 11:35
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