Shall We MeetUp?

Authored by Paul Steinberg (Intel)
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Dr. Avi Cohen - Wisdom in the Palm of our Hand.

Authored by Paul Steinberg (Intel)

Dr. Avi Cohen, Inspector General, Computer Science, Israel Ministry of Education.

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On the shoulders of giants in parallel computing education

Authored by Dick Brown

The first tangible step in the recent surge of parallelism on our campus came five years ago last month, when three students (it’s all undergraduates at St.

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Parallelism Education and the Role of Abstraction

Authored by Michael McCool (Intel)

On September 13th I will be participating in a panel at IDF on how the shift to parallelism will, or

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A first look at the Manycore Testing Lab

Authored by Dick Brown

Here's a quick report off my initial reactions after spending a couple of hours getting oriented to the Manycore Testing Lab (MTL) through "VIP access", from my perspective as a CS prof at a small

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Step Two in Changing the World

Authored by Dick Brown

Intel's recently released experimental 48-core chip is a wakeup call:  the multicore future of computing is already arriving now.

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