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Is it time to replace the TOP 500 list?

A new TOP500 list was released at SC12. Is this one-dimensional benchmark still relevant in today's diverse HPC fields of computation?
Authored by Clay Breshears (Intel) Last updated on 09/06/2013 - 18:26
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Making Parallelism Nifty

Authored by Paul Steinberg (Intel) Last updated on 08/08/2013 - 14:56
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Making Parallelism 'Nifty'

I am very proud to be one of the first Intel Academic Microgrant for Parallelism recipients. I thought others might enjoy hearing how one old dog is trying to learn some new tricks.

Authored by Dave Valentine Last updated on 08/06/2013 - 14:47
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Baker's Dozen of Technical Papers and Blogs Published on Parallel Programming Community

There has been a significant flurry of activity in the Parallel Programming Community.

Authored by kathy-farrel (Intel) Last updated on 08/06/2013 - 09:55
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Parallelism Education Workshop @ SC 2011 -- An open invitation

Authored by Matthew Wolf Last updated on 08/05/2013 - 13:04
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Teaching Parallelism at SIGCSE 2011- See the booth demo videos, session talks, and professor interviews!

The Intel Academic Community had a fantastic time engaging with computer science educators at SIGCSE 2011!

Authored by Lauren Dankiewicz (Intel) Last updated on 07/31/2013 - 13:54
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Intel Academic Community at SIGCSE 2012

Authored by Abi Sundaram (Intel) Last updated on 10/05/2012 - 12:06
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