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Making Parallelism 'Nifty'

I am very proud to be one of the first Intel Academic Microgrant for Parallelism recipients. I thought others might enjoy hearing how one old dog is trying to learn some new tricks.

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Got Hardware? Exploring barriers and breakers to teaching parallelism

SIGCSE 11 seemed like a good place to challenge some of the assumptions that we make all year round.  Assumptions, and dare I say, excuses, for why the integration of parallelism into undergraduate cl
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It's a Snap to find the Scratch to BYOB in class

Sure I knew my friend Dan Garcia has been working to re-establish the joy and beauty of computer science to a whole new generation.
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A customer, you say? Making requirements engineering fun!

Requirements engineering gets little attention in CS education, but it is a critical and integral part of software engineering.
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SIGCSE Dallas 2011

Having a great time networking with all my new friends at Intel! What a great opportunity for myself and Josh!
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SIGCSE 2011 is starting!

Setting up the Intel booth for tomorrow....
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Attending SIGCSE 2011?

The Intel Academic Community is excited about SIGCSE 2011!
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Intel Academic Community at SIGCSE 2012

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Dr. Richard Brown is the newest Black Belt for Academia

It is a pleasure to in

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