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Common buffer allocation for efficient OpenMP and OpenCL performance.

I am building a library which will simultaneously perform different compute intensive operations on a vector on the CPU side and GPU side using OpenMP and OpenCL.

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Some benchmarking experience with Phi: OpenCL vs OpenMP 2D Image Convolution


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Multithreading enqueue commands in Intel MIC OpenCL

Hi all, I encountered a very weird behavior. I ran the following codes:

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Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations with LAMMPS Optimized for Knights Landing

LAMMPS is an open-source software package that simulates classical molecular dynamics. As it supports many energy models and simulation options, its versatility has made it a popular choice. It was first developed at Sandia National Laboratories to use large-scale parallel computation.
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Random memory read performance difference between GPU and CPU (I7-4770R)?

We are running a simple code doing random reads and sequential write (i.e.

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N-Body Simulation Project at Cal Poly

The goal of the N-Body problem is to predict the motion of a set of n objects interacting with each other by some force, e.g. the gravitational force. N-Body simulations have been used in particles simulation such as astrophysical and molecular dynamics simulations. There are a number of approaches for solving the N-Body problem, such as the Barnes-Hut algorithm, the Fast Multipole method, the...
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