面向英特尔® 至强融核™ 处理器(代号“Knights Landing”)的开发人员访问计划

Intel is bringing to market, in anticipation of general availability of the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor (codenamed Knights Landing), the Developer Access Program (DAP). DAP is an early access program for developers worldwide to purchase an Intel Xeon Phi Processor based system.
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英特尔编译器在对代码进行编译优化的过程中用户可以通过使用”-opt-report-phase=phase”选项让编译器输出某些特定优化阶段的相关信息。针对至强融核™ 协处理器提供的offload编译模式英特尔编译器提供了”offload”关键字。

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