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McAfee Next Generation Firewall on Oracle VM (OOW '14)

At Oracle OpenWorld 2014, Wim Coekaerts (Oracle) and Rishi Bhargava (Intel Security) talk about the McAfee Next Generation Firewall for Oracle VM and discuss the future of security in a software de

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Making Big Data and Analytics a reality today

Intel® delivers the performance needed to enable new levels of Apache* Spark* analytics on Intel® Xeon® platforms with Facial Recognition using Apache* Spark* and Apache* Hadoop* technologies.

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Accelerate Time to Insight with Intel® Xeon® E7 v3 and SAP HANA*

Tim Allen, Intel Corp., explains how businesses can leverage their big data to make critical decisions faster, with Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v3 and SAP HANA®.

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Model-Driven Data Center Planning and Optimization with Intel® CoFluent™ Technology

Data center planning and optimization

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Indexing DICOM* Images on Cloudera Hadoop* Distribution

This paper show how to replicate the proof point, to index DICOM images for storage, management, and retrieval on a Cloudera Hadoop* cluster, using open source software components.
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Intel and Cloudera Integrate a Company’s Oracle* Infrastructure with Hadoop* via Kafka* Messaging

A leading provider of integrated financial services and institutional banking services in southeast Asia

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How Intel® Xeon® Processor are Accelerating Big Data Analytics

Ritu Kama, Director, Product Management at Intel, discusses how the Intel® Xeon® processor is accelerating big data analytics. 

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Announcing the Intel® Distribution for Python* Beta

The Beta for Intel® Distribution for Python* 2017 has been available for 1 month and I wanted to share some of our experiences.

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