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Speeding Up Your Cloud Environment On Intel® Architecture

In my previous blog, I discussed “Ways to Speeding up Your Cloud Environment

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Rangeley Uncore Performance Monitoring Events

Using the Rangeley SoC Performance Monitoring Events
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Improving OpenSSL Performance


Abstract Overview of OpenSSL

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User Space Networking Fuels NFV Performance

It is an exciting time to be a software developer in the networking space and as the roles of engineer are changing so too are the rules.

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My Reality Moment. Why Did I Ever Agree to Do This?

When I first took this job of leading our scripting languages area, the Reality Moment struck when I had my first real look at the challenges of dynamic languages. For example, if you compare two strings in a program, we have some new instructions in the processor which can make these go very fast. But unfortunately, if you compare two strings in PHP, you first need to determine if the strings...
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NFV topics at the Intel® Developer Forum, the DPDK and Network Builders Summit

The Intel® Developer Forum 2015 took place August 18–20 in San Francisco. Intel® also sponsored a day-long Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) and Network Builders Summit on August 17, 2015. There were several interesting sessions at the conference relating to Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). In this blog post, we look at some of the highlights and share pointers to session slides or...
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OpenStack* Enhanced Platform Awareness

Enhanced Platform Awareness (EPA) relies on a set of OpenStack Nova* features called Host Aggregates and Availability Zones. The Nova scheduler uses these objects to determine which host a guest should be launched on based on the capabilities of the host and the requested features of the virtual machine (VM). This article demonstrate how EPA can be used by the operator in OpenStack deployments...
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Using DPPD PROX to Measure VNF Performance - Running the Tests

In the second of two videos, Luc Provoost shows you how to install and measure a VNF using DPPD (Data Plane Performance Demonstrators) and PROX (Packet Processing Execution Engine) on a simpl

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How to Set UP DPDK For Your NFV Applications

Andrew Duignan demonstrates how to install and configure the Data Plane Development Kit, a set of libraries and drivers for fast packet processing that helps you meet the challenges of developing s

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