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Intel® Wireless Display on an Intel-powered "San Diego" Android phone from Orange

The first generation of "Intel Inside" Android phones has arrived - the XOLO X900 was launched on 22 April 2012 in India and in the United Kingdom, it was launched on June 6 2012 as Orange San Diego.
Authored by Björn Taubert (Intel) Last updated on 06/14/2017 - 16:12
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Intel Software @ Games Developer Conference Europe | GPA R4, Ultrabook with Sensors & Touch, prizes for your app

Monday, 13th of August GDC Europe in Cologne is calling and we are showing to game developers what Intel

Authored by Björn Taubert (Intel) Last updated on 06/14/2017 - 16:31
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How to: build a VirtualBox Android Linux kernel

From time to time, people ask me about building VirtualBox in Google's master branch or at the ICS release tag. They often wish to tweak the kernel.
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There's a number of topics that I'll be blogging on... as well as many that I won't.
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A little about me...

Here's a little about me. I'll update this from time to time. ---
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How To Select Your Localization Team

Authored by Nabil Freij Last updated on 06/14/2017 - 15:56
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Pre-caching Offline Map Areas in Mobile Maps

Up until recently, mobile map services required the devices connect to a carrier data network or WiFi.

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Adding Ultrabook Sensor Control To HTML5 Apps

Ultrabooks running Windows 8 with touch and sensor capabilities are soon to hit the market and for those of you developing HTML5 applications, you will be able to add these features to your applica

Authored by Bob Duffy (Intel) Last updated on 06/14/2017 - 16:37
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Multi APK

Google has recently made changes that better support for the Intel architecture through Android apps published on Google Play. Google Market now supports CPU architecture (ABI) a

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