How safe is your Fortran application?

Authored by Jackson Marusarz (Intel)

Intel® Inspector XE is often recommended as a great tool for verifying the correctness and security of C++ applications, but it is important to note that this tool works just as well on Fortran and

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News from Dr. Fortran - Intel's Steve Lionel Discusses Newly Released Fortran Studio XE 2011 - Parallel Programming Talk #128

Authored by kathy-farrel (Intel)

Dr. Fortran (aka Intel's Steve Lionel), who is a friend of this show, dropped in on Clay and Kathy to discuss what we think is good news - the release of Fortran Studio XE 2011.

Last updated on 08/09/2013 - 11:55

Fortran is more popular than ever; Intel makes it FAST

Authored by James Reinders (Intel)

Just this past week, a senior radio telescope astronomer told me about the shift from C++ back to Fortran in his corner of the world. It is all about efficiency.

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Introducing Intel® Fortran Studio XE 2011

Authored by Steve Lionel (Intel)

Let us return to those thrilling days of yesteryear. Yes, I mean November 2010 when Intel® Parallel Studio XE was first released.

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Research Scientist Victor Eijkhout Guests on Parallel Programming Talk #110

Authored by kathy-farrel (Intel)

Welcome to another episode of Parallel Programming Talk this is show  #110 –

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Doctor Fortran in "I Can C Clearly Now, Part I"

Authored by Steve Lionel (Intel)

Spend any time in the comp.lang.fortran newsgroup, or other places where programming languages are discussed, and you’ll soon see a new “Which is better, Fortran or C?” thread show up.

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Фортран - всё ещё торт?

Authored by

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Parallel Studio XE 2013 is here

Authored by James Reinders (Intel)

Today we announced Parallel Studio XE 2013 (available immediately) and

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Ultrabook Part 2: Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2011 with Windows 8* and Visual Studio* 2012 RC

Authored by Jules Alfani (Intel)

As I continue to explore different Ultrabook capabilities, in this blog I decided to look into a powerful threading and performance optimization tool for C/C++, .NET, and FORTRAN developers who nee

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Intel® Advisor XE 2013 Update 1 is now available!

Authored by Jackson Marusarz (Intel)

Intel® Advisor XE 2013 Update 1 is now available for both Linux* and Windows*.

Last updated on 08/07/2013 - 08:09