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Doctor Fortran Gets Explicit - Again!

Nearly 11 years ago (!) I wrote an item for the Visual Fortran Newsletter on explicit interfaces in Fortran.

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Doctor Fortran in "Lest Old Acquaintance Be Forgot"

In some of my earlier posts I've discussed new features in the Fortran language that might be unfamiliar to some.  But this time I'm going to go the other way and describe some really old language

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Fortran is more popular than ever; Intel makes it FAST

Just this past week, a senior radio telescope astronomer told me about the shift from C++ back to Fortran in his corner of the world. It is all about efficiency.

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The Real Doctors of Fortran

In this blog, I refer to myself as "Doctor Fortran".  It's a joke that started more than ten years ago when I decided to write an "advice column" for what was then the Digital Visual Fortran Newsle

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Being Successful with the Intel® Compilers -- You Need to Know

Tips and techniques on using the Intel® Compilers to maximize your application performance.
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