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HTML5 How-To Video Series for Ultrabooks™

HTML5 is fast becoming an effective cross-platform development language, helping developers write and manage code they can deploy on multiple devices. We've pulled together a series of videos to he

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Developing Adaptive and Flexible Metro HTML5/JavaScript* Apps

In this article we show how to take advantage of HTML5/CSS3 features to achieve a user interface that is flexible enough to adapt to snapped or filled views of Metro style apps. We will demonstrate a step-by-step feature implementation in a sample app.
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Using Web Workers to Improve the Performance of Metro HTML5-JavaScript* Apps

This article provides an introduction on how to use web workers inside HTML5-JavaScript* Metro apps. We will discuss what web workers are, why we need them, and how to use them. A sample app will be used as a case study to discuss these topics.
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The Development of Mobile Applications using HTML5 and PhoneGap* on Intel® Architecture-Based Platforms

Table of Contents


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strange message-received duplicate issue when reconnecting.

Hi, I've been having this problem for a while. This occurs on version 3.5 and 3.5.2 of the webrtc conference.

I'm using the javascript SDK.

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Bad source SSRC in RTCP feedback packet



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Detecting Ultrabook Sensors

With the recent launch of the 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors, Intel has introduced a new breed of Ultrabook and it’s a game-changer.  Ultrabooks and Convertibles based on the 3

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HTML code examples

This are quick examples on how to use tags:

Header helps to create the outline of the document flow within the page:

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Gaming Health Meter with CSS3

Table of Contents Introduction Basic Meter
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