Apresente seus aplicativos Android para a Lenovo!

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Criando um campo de busca em seu aplicativo Android*

Nelson Glauber Engenheiro de software sênior na CESAR

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The Java* Application Component Workload for Android*: Real Java* Application Use Cases for Android*

Java* ACW for Android is a Java workload designed to stress real application components that in turn influence UX on Android Java-based applications. It is intended to help app developers write better apps, and Android VM engineers to better optimize existing libraries and Java runtime performance. Both contribute to better Android application performance and user experience. OEMs and customers...
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Nelson GlauberCESAR 资深软件工程师

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Crear un campo de búsqueda en su aplicación de Android*

Nelson GlauberIngeniero de Software Sénior en CESAR

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Создание поля поиска в приложении Android

Нельсон Глобер (Nelson Glauber) Старший инженер-программист в CESAR

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Creating a Search Field in Your Android app

Nelson Glauber Senior Software Engineer at CESAR

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Sample Application: Using SIMD Instructions in Windows* 8 Store Apps

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Tuning Guides and Performance Analysis Papers

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE Tuning Guides
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Intel® RealSense™ Power and Performance Tuning Tips

This article provides some tips for optimizing performance and power usage in applications developed using Intel® RealSense™ technology.
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