Free access to Intel® Compilers, Performance libraries, Analysis tools and more...

Intel® Parallel Studio XE is a very popular product from Intel that includes the Intel® Compilers, Intel® Performance Libraries, tools for analysis, debugging and tuning, tools for MPI and the Intel® MPI Library. Did you know that some of these are available for free? Here is a guide to “what is available free” from the Intel Parallel Studio XE suites.
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Python issues with the Intel® MPI Library up to version 5.1.3

Intel® MPI Library versions before 2017 (<= 5.1.3) use Python 2 scripts for some infrastructure components - mostly related to the deprecated MPD startup mechanism.

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General installation information

Installation prerequisites, tips, and possible problems for the Intel MPI Library
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Python mpi4py on Intel® True Scale and Omni-Path Clusters

Python users of the mpi4py package, leveraging capabilities for distributed computing on supercomputers with the

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Code Sample: Exploring MPI for Python* on Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor

Learn how to write an MPI program in Python*, and take advantage of Intel® multicore architectures using OpenMP threads and Intel® AVX512 instructions.
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