Webinar: Deep Learning 101

Deep neural networks are capable of amazing levels of representation power resulting in state-of-the-art accuracy in areas such as computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing,

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Functional Connectivity of Epileptic Brains

In this session Student Ambassador Panuwat of FIU describes his AI research designed to better detect and diagnose epileptic brain function.

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Accelerate Machine Learning with Intel® Software Development Tools

Speed up your machine learning application code and turn data into insight and actionable results.

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Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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Analytics Zoo Overview

This video animation provides an overview of the features and benefits of Analytics Zoo – a unified analytics and AI open source software platform designed to simplify and accelerate AI solutions d

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Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP) Architect

This webinar focuses on introducing the audience to Natural Language Processing (NLP) Architect, a Python* library from the Intel® AI Lab for exploring the state-of-the-art deep learning topologies

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Part 1: Overview

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An Optimized Path Using Intel® Architecture

Learn how you can get a course completion certificate, and discover additional AI courses and resources to enhance your skills.

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Get an overview of this video series, which is based on a course that covers an optimized data science path using Intel® architecture.

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