应用蚁群优化算法 (ACO) 实施交通网络扩展

In this article an OpenMP* based implementation of the Ant Colony Optimization algorithm was analyzed for bottlenecks with Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2016 together with improvements using hybrid MPI-OpenMP and Intel® Threading Building Blocks were introduced to achieve efficient scaling across a four-socket Intel® Xeon® processor E7-8890 v4 processor-based system.
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如何利用 Windows* 版英特尔® 线程调节器来分析 Linux* 应用

Instructions for how-to use the "Enabling collector for Linux*" to collect Intel® Thread Profiler data on a Linux* system and view the results with the Intel® Thread Profiler for Windows*, part of the Intel® VTune Performance Analyzer for Windows*.
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天气预报是现代生活的一个重要方面,它可在出现恶劣天气状况时即时发出警报,从而帮助有效制定计划和安排物流,并可保护生命财产安全。 但是,准确预测长期的天气情况非常复杂,通常涉及到大量数据集,并且要求对代码进行优化以利用最高级的计算机硬件功能。

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设计面向游戏的人工智能(第 4 部分)

The gaming industry has seen great strides in game complexity recently. Game developers are challenged to create increasingly compelling games. This series explores important Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts and how to optimize them for multi-core.
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了解面向三维同性有限差分 (3DFD) 波动方程代码的 NUMA

本文将介绍一些技巧,帮助软件开发人员识别并修复使用最新英特尔软件开发工具时遇到的与 NUMA 相关的应用性能问题。

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PARSEC* 3.0 中的多线程代码优化: BlackScholes

The Black-Scholes benchmark is a one of the 13 benchmarks in the PARSEC. This benchmark does option pricing with Black-Scholes Partial Differential Equation (PDE). The Black-Scholes equation is a differential equation that describes how, under a certain set of assumptions, the value of an option changes as the price of the underlying asset changes. Based on this formula, one can compute the...
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避免线程之间发生堆冲突 (PDF 256KB)


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Unreal Engine* 4/英特尔® VTune™ Amplifier 使用指南

在 Unreal Engine* 4.19 中,英特尔® 软件工程师使用 Unreal* 添加了对英特尔 Vtune Amplifier 仪器和跟踪技术 (ITT) 标记的支持。本指南向用户展示了如何利用新的集成技术在英特尔 VTune Amplifier 2018 UI 中生成 Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) 的注释痕迹。
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Vectorization Advisor 助您一臂之力

Vectorization Advisor is like having a trusted friend look over your code and give you advice based on what he sees. As you’ll see in this article, user feedback on the tool has included, “there are significant speedups produced by following advisor output, I'm already sold on this tool!”
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检测线程应用中的内存带宽饱和度 (PDF 231KB)

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