A Parallel Stable Sort Using C++11 for TBB, Cilk Plus, and OpenMP

This article describes a parallel merge sort code, and why it is more scalable than parallel quicksort or parallel samplesort. The code relies on the C++11 “move” semantics.

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Getting Better Performance on Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Graph Algorithm using the Intel® Compiler

We optimized a version of Dijkstra’s shortest path graph algorithm using a combination of Intel® Cilk™ Plus array notation and OpenMP* parallel for.

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Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 16, November 2013

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Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 18, June 2014

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Efficient Parallelization

This article is part of the Intel® Modern Code Developer Community documentation which supports developers in leveraging application performance in code through a systematic step-by-step optimization framework methodology. This article addresses: Thread level parallelization.
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Intel Cilk Plus is being deprecated

Intel® Cilk™ Plus - an extension to the C and C++ languages to support data and task parallelism - is being deprecated in the 2018 release of Intel® Software Development Tools.

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Where do we migrate to from Cilk Plus?

Disappointed to see that Cilk Plus is deprecated in compiler 18.0.

Now we need to find suitable alternatives to migrate to.

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Vectorization Essentials

Vectorization essentials to effectively use feature in the Intel® Xeon product family
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Offloading cilk code causes an exterme slow down

I hope this is in the correct forum for this.

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Array notation replacement?

I saw the article/guide to translate code from cilk plus to TBB or openMP. That's all fine, but the article ignores the concept of Array Notations.

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