Comic Director - Next Level App Design with CSS3 Animations

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2D Animation for Android* Series: Comparing and Contrasting Different Ways of Doing the Same Animation Part I

Part I: Introduction and Property Animation
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Request Animation Frame for Better Performance

by Jon Raasch

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2 joint knee setup

How to setup a 2-joint knee. Getting knees and elbows to deform properly can mean many hours of weighting vertices and even extra modeling. Using a 2-joint knee (or elbow) setup is a quick way to cut through all that tedium and get back to animating.
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seeing eyes part 1 modeling eyes

Whether your character is cartoon-like or hyper-realistic, there are a few simple design concepts (okay - Tricks or Cheats) you can incorporate to make your eyeballs "look" good. Download the Seeing Eyes,Tricks to Make Eyes Look Good guide for a quick "How To."
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Rethinking the Pipeline: DreamWorks Animation Advances the Art

DreamWorks Animation embarked on a radical re-engineering of their animation pipeline to better accommodate artistic aspirations and improve workflow across an increasingly complex environment. This article describes the new model being put in place.
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3D Character Animation (part 2)

One of the greatest things about animation is bringing life, expression, and emotion to an otherwise lifeless character. Part 2 in this series covers animation timing, staging, fluidity, and adding subtle movements to the animation.
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A Performance Optimization Study for the DreamWorks Animation Fluid Solver

While there are a variety of methods used to simulate fluid motion, most of them involve algorithms that are computationally intensive and run sequentially over a number of frames to produce an animated result. For this reason the performance of a given algorithm, in addition to its visual characteristics, is a critical factor in how useful the algorithm may be as an artistic tool.
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