seeing eyes part 1 modeling eyes

Whether your character is cartoon-like or hyper-realistic, there are a few simple design concepts (okay - Tricks or Cheats) you can incorporate to make your eyeballs "look" good. Download the Seeing Eyes,Tricks to Make Eyes Look Good guide for a quick "How To."
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Smoother Animation With Intel® Core™ i7 Processors

by Steve Pitzel

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3D Lighting in Softimage

This article on lighting & rendering covers describes how to achieve various lighting effects in Softimage. Includes adjusting ambience, animating lights, adding atmospheric effects, use of caustics, and refraction through a medium such as glass.
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The Basics of the Art of Lighting (part 1): Simple Principles of and Techniques for Creating Artful Lighting

Ultimately, digital lighting is about controlling and shaping light and shadows, reflections, refractions, and even color. This article provides a basic introduction to the principles of digital lighting using a 3D package.
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Composer crashes CG world, adds depth to digital images

Interview with inspired artist Justin Lassen, the composer of the enigmatic and enchanting Synaesthesia, a new experiment in hearing pictures and seeing sound.
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Animation for Flash Games (part 2): Sprite Manipulation for the Scripter

This article shows Flash game developers how to manipulate animated sprites for use in Flash* games. Flash was recently updated to make it more efficient for mobile devices and netbooks. This article uses a sprite to create a simple platform game engine.
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Get a Shave and a Haircut*: CG Hair and Fur

Realistic hair and fur is one of the biggest challenges facing computer graphics artists and programmers. In this article I will delve into a wonderful tool called Shave and a Haircut* which currently is widely used to create realistic hair and fur.
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