Fluid Simulation for Video Games (part 13)

This is a series on fluid simulation for games. This article describes how to augment the fluid particle system described earlier, interact with rigid bodies with any polyhedral shape, and generate a lift-like force on those bodies.
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Courseware - Geometric Algorithms

Line segments: properties, intersections Convex hull finding algorithms Parallel algorithm for finding intersections of line segments in 3-D (Akki)
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Parallel algorithm to 3-D Convex Hull Problem (Bradley Kuszmaul)

The included code and white paper provides a parallel solution for the 3-D Convex Hull problem, as described in the included problem description text file.

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Applying Threading Building Blocks to Solve Convex Hull Problems

I was browsing the examples that are part of the Threading Building Blocks source code download, seeking an example that illustra

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Threading Building Blocks Convex Hull Code Walk, Part 1

In my last post I talked about the

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