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Real-Time Shadow Maps on Mainstream Graphics Hardware

Authored by Deleted User Last updated on 12/02/2014 - 21:27

Fast Color Conversion Using Streaming SIMD Extensions and MMXT Technology

Datatype color conversions are a common requirement in 3-D application pipelines.

Authored by admin Last updated on 08/13/2013 - 13:48

Advanced Rendering Techniques

As with lighting, rendering is often one of the least-understood aspects of 3D imaging, but it’s critical to achieving high-quality animations. This article goes into the details of the varying procedures associated with rendering in Autodesk* Softimage.
Authored by admin Last updated on 08/12/2013 - 08:33

Light Based Tessellation Application Note

by Jeff Andrews

Authored by Last updated on 04/04/2013 - 16:02

The 3D Production Pipeline for Games: Getting it There

The Challenge of Animating the Artist's Dream

Authored by Steve Pitzel (Intel) Last updated on 02/27/2013 - 13:57

Multi-Threaded Shadow Volumes on Mainstream Graphics Hardware

Authored by David Bookout (Intel) Last updated on 08/14/2012 - 20:42
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