F1* 2015 Goes to the Next Level of Realism on the PC

F1 2015 leads the industry in showing how a modern CPU can be used to improve a game’s audio and visuals. Balancing the load between the CPU and GPU can bring better visuals to a game without a corresponding need to upgrade the GPU. Through the use of a CPU-based particle system, Codemasters was able to add visuals that complemented the other work performed on F1 2015 that improved the cars’...
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Multithreaded Game Programming and Hyper-Threading Technology

by Will Damon

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Intel® Perceptual Computing (Future capabilities)

Features 4th Gen Intel Core Processors with Intel HD Graphics 5000.

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Courseware - Multiprocessing

Amdahl’s law Short vector processing (multimedia operations) Multicore and multithreaded processors
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Performance of Multithreading with Manycore Support (ASU)

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Parallel Programming Made Simple: Intel® Parallel Studio XE

Intel Parallel Studio XE is a suite of software tools that simplifies the design, building, verification, and tuning of applications that run in parallel including thread parallelism, vector parall

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Effectiveness of Hyper-Threading Technology With an Application

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Introduction to Hyper-Threading Technology

This tutorial describes Hyper-Threading Technology (HT Technology) and introduces the reader to the key aspects and benefits.
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Counting Physical and Logical 32-bit processors

One of the consequences of the introduction of the Hyper-Threading technology into the Intel® Xeon® processor, is that systems with Hyper-Threading technology enabled appear to the Windows* operati

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Impact of Load Imbalance on Processors with Hyper-Threading Technology

by Brian J. Welch


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