Unlocking the compute power of Intel(R) Graphics Technology to boost the performance of a Black Scholes program

Author: Christopher Palmer


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REPLAY: Data Center Optimization Webinar

Intel Data Center Optimization Showcase Presents:  Develop an Optimized SDN and NFV Environment using Intel Software and Hardware

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Correlate Android Logcat Messages with VTune Amplifier Timeline

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Intel® C++ Compiler 16.0 Beta Release Notes

Intel® C++ Compiler 16.0 Beta Update 1 - Linux* Host

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Using the Intel(R) C++ Compiler for Android* with Microsoft Visual Studio*

The Intel® C++ Compiler for Android* integrates itself into the vs-android software.

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Processor Trace Sample of System Debugger within Intel® System Studio 2016

Overveiw of Key features of Intel® System Debugger 2016. More details are in attached PDF file.
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Intel System Debugger, System Trace usage – Export & Compare trace logs

This article is to share about how to use Intel System Debugge-System Trace feature to help system boot-up issues. The general idea is to compare two issues logs collected between good case and trouble case.
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Using Intel compiler in Eclipse* for Wind River* Linux* development on Windows*

Overview: Intel® System Studio 2015 provides the windows host support for embedded development, you can use Intel® C/C++ Compiler inside Eclipse* on windows* host, for WindRiver™ Linux* development

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