Why P scales as C*V^2*f is so obvious

Authored by Taylor Kidd (Intel)

[Warning: Math and physics alert! Math and physics alert!] I think that you've all seen this equation before:P = a * C * V2 * f

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Visual Studio 2010 Built-in CPU Acceleration

Authored by Asaf Shelly

Writing the sample code for this post I was amazed myself to see how simple it was to reach over 20 times performance improvement with so little effort.   

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n-bodies: a parallel TBB solution: parallel code: a fresh look using recursive parallelism

Authored by robert-reed (Intel)

When last I had a chance to play with this code, I experimented with usi

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Fun with Locks and Waits - Performance Tuning

Authored by David Mackay (Intel)

At times threaded software requires some critical sections, mutexes or locks.   Do developers always know which of the objects in their code has the most impact?   If I want to examine my software

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Interview de James Reinders - Intel Parallel Studio - (par Loic Joly)

Authored by ssoussi (Intel)

Questions générales :

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Introducing Intel Ultrabook™ – Part One

Authored by Jules Alfani (Intel)

In all my years in college I have used a laptop PC. Recently, I’ve been tempted to get a MacBook Air Pro because of its light-weight and stylish look.

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