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Dissecting STREAM benchmark with Intel® Performance Counter Monitor

Intel® Performance Counter Monitor (Intel® PCM) is an API and a set of tools that should help developers to understand

Authored by Roman Dementiev (Intel) Last updated on 06/14/2017 - 15:43

HPCC-stream performance loss with the 11.0 and 12.0 compilers

The STREAM component of the HPCC benchmark suite runs more slowly with the initial release of the 11.0 compiler compared to version 10.1. This can be worked around by disabling function inlining. The COPY component showed a similar issue in 12.0.
Authored by admin Last updated on 06/07/2017 - 10:17

Troubleshooting STREAM bandwidth issues

This article describes some common cluster issues detected by the Intel® Cluster Checker memory_bandwidth_stream check and how to resolve them.
Authored by Brock Taylor (Intel) Last updated on 06/07/2017 - 09:08

Optimizing Memory Bandwidth on Stream Triad

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Authored by Karthik Raman (Intel) Last updated on 06/07/2017 - 09:19
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Archived - How to Record and Playback Streaming Sequences in Intel® RealSense™ SDK

The Intel® RealSense™ SDK provides a new feature for developers to record camera streaming sequences to a file on disk for future playback. This feature is very helpful in debugging and troubleshooting camera issues in the apps. Recording raw color and depth streams into disk files imposes a challenge for disk IO bandwidth on the host system. For example, with color configuration RGB32...
Authored by David Lu (Intel) Last updated on 01/24/2018 - 12:12
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