The Other Side of the Chip: Using Intel® Processor Graphics

See how OpenCL* takes advantage of Intel® Core™ processor’s Gen 9 graphics compute capabilities & how Intel software tools optimize fast media apps.
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Enhance Media Performance with Intel's Media & OpenCL* SDKs

Unlock Intel® Processor Graphics for fast, high-quality media apps. Apply video effects & filters, & improve transcode & computer vision pipelines.
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New Beta for Media SDK

The Intel® Media SDK 1.5 Beta is now available as a free  download from the Media Development site!  The major features

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Using H.264/AVC DirectX* Video Acceleration with the Intel® G45/GM45 Express Chipsets

This whitepaper discusses the implementation guidelines for the decoding of H.264/AVC video using DXVA on the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD to enable full 1080p high definition video playback, including Blu-ray* movies.
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Strengthening Innovation: Intel® Media SDK Solution Brief

The Intel® Media Software Development Kit (SDK) removes the tedium from supporting multiple graphics platforms, offering a universal solution to handling video pre-processing, encoding, decoding, and transcoding.
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Bringing Enhanced Video to Audiences Everywhere

Digital video places unusually high demands on both computer platforms and software applications. The latest product releases from Sonic Solutions are optimized to deliver enhanced video experiences for consumers. See article for details.
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Tutorial: OpenCL™ Interoperability with Video Acceleration API on Linux* OS

Download PDF[PDF 265KB]

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