Avoiding package incompatibility on a Rocks cluster

Best practices for determining what versions of packages and where to find those packages to install when expanding the software installation of a CentOS cluster provisioned by Rocks.
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Thank You from Intel Cluster Ready

Confirmation of Intel Cluster Ready Partner Newsletter subscription
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Intel® Cluster Ready Recipes by OS

Intel® Cluster Ready “recipes” are reference designs provided to help hardware vendors, platform integrators, and system integrators design and build certified Intel Cluster Ready systems (sorted by Operating System).
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Compile and run GROMACS 4.5.3 in the Intel® Cluster Ready Reference Recipe S5520UR-ICR1.1-ROCKS5.3-CENTOS5.4-C2 v1.0

In this article I will show you how to compile GROMACS 4.5.3 using the latest Open Source Intel Cluster Ready Reference Design S5520UR-ICR1.1-ROCKS5.3-CENTOS5.4-C2 v1.0
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Intel® Cluster Checker version 1.8 Tips and Tricks

This article shows tips and tricks for Intel® Cluster Checker version 1.8
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One-sided MPI communication never returns in some cases


I tried running the following code on a Linux cluster with Intel MPI (Version 4.0 Update 3 Build 20110824) and slurm 2.2.7 on 2 nodes with 8 cores each (16 tasks).

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Suspend an MPI job


How can I suspend all the processes in an MPI job? I tried to use I_MPI_JOB_SIGNAL_PROPAGATION but it didn't seem to work. I am using Intel MPI Thanks.


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kit-intelruntime2.0-0.x86_64.iso was not available to download

Dear Sir:

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A conflict event was happened with Ethernet port (e1000) during the upload linux kernel with Redboot

The details of development as following:

1. Linux Kernel: linux-

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