Think Parallel Modern Applications for Modern Hardware

HPC codes have used MPI and similar models to scale to multiple nodes, but increasingly parallelism is also required within a node, and even within a single core

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Parallel studio 2016 u3 Debian 8 support

According to part 4.3 of release notes for Parallel studio 2016 Update 3: 

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Problem with binding processes in a cluster URGENT


I am having a huge trouble in submitting job remotely with the help of a PBS script in a HPC cluster (lscpu output in the login node is as bellow).

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MPI problem

I am new to using mpi. I just followed the steps provided in 'Configuring a Visual Studio Project' in intel resources. However, I am getting this output where it says mpiexec.exe has exited.

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Are You Tracking Your Usability Bugs?

The answer is "almost". There are two types of bugs: Reliability and Usability.

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Submissions open: High Performance Parallelism Gems

We have all had our little discoveries and triumphs in identifying new and innovative approaches that increased the performance of our applications. Occasionally we find something more, something that could also help others, an innovative gem. You now have an opportunity to broadcast your successes more widely to the benefit of our community. You are invited to submit a proposal to a...
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The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis. World's largest HPC conference.
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Parallel Programming and Optimization with Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors Developer Training Event

The 1-day seminar (CDT 101) features presentations on the available programming models and best optimization practices for the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor, and on the usage of the Intel software develo
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mpiexe.hydra is defunct

If I run with IntelMPI with a forked process ( & ), it leaves mpiexe.hydra:

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Add machine to Cluster

I run a student license of the Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition for Linux on my i7-4790K. Can I add another i7-4790K machine to make this a cluster?

Authored by Vishnu Last updated on 09/26/2016 - 05:33
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