Autovectorization in Intel® OpenCL SDK 1.5

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Discussing Intel's OpenCL With Technical Lead Yariv Aridor - Parallel Programming Talk #117

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Time for another episode of Parallel Programming Talk – This is show #117. We’ll be talking with Intel’s OpenCL Technical Lead Yariv Aridor

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Baker's Dozen of Technical Papers and Blogs Published on Parallel Programming Community

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There has been a significant flurry of activity in the Parallel Programming Community.

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Intel® OpenCL SDK 1.1 gold released

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Conformant Intel® OpenCL SDK 1.1 beta announced, Linux support available

Authored by Arnon Peleg (Intel)

This week Intel announced Intel® OpenCL SDK version 1.1 Beta.

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Intel® OpenCL SDK – Alpha update now available

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Intel continues to demonstrate its commitment to parallel computing tools and standards support with the recent announcement of an update to the Intel® OpenCL SDK alpha version on

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Data-Parallelism Spanning From SSE to AVX to Larrabee to...

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Greetings all, and thanks for reading my first Intel Software Network blog!

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Parallel Programming Talk - OpenCL with Tim Mattson

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Clay and I talked with Dr. Tim Mattson about OpenCL on the Tuesday January 20th show.

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OpenCL 1.2 发布啦

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Khronos发布了OpenCL的更新版OpenCL 1.2 相对于1.1来说,没有太多的变化,保持了前向兼容。

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