Debugging Android* NDK apps with Eclipse* and gdb

Eclipse* with ADT plugin and CDT, all part of the ADT bundle, support the Android* NDK quite well. You can even use gdb integration to debug your native code.

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Intel® System Debugger with OpenOCD* Setup


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Kernel Module Debug on Minnowboard MAX

This video describes how to set up Intel System Debugger within Intel® System Studio to do kernel module debugging.

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Increase Insight into Kernel Module Development with JTAG Debugging

A JTAG debugger can be a great tool in kernel module development.

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NDK. Ознакомьтесь с комплектом Android Native Development Kit.

Ксавьер представляет комплект Android Native Development Kit (NDK), являющийся официальным компонентом, который вы можете использовать для интеграции C/C++ в приложения Android.

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Analysis Tools to Quicken Streams Testing - Intel® Stress Bitstreams and Encoder (Intel® SBE)

See how several tools in Intel® SBE can help decoder developers identify the right set of streams to help with testing.

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Noisypeak Builds Media Transcoding Solution with HEVC Encoding in Intel® Media Server Studio

A tiny but powerful deploy-anywhere transcode streaming solution optimized with Intel® Media Server Studio–Professional

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Video Transcode Solutions from Intel: Simple, Fast, Efficient Webinar

In a world where internet video use is skyrocketing and consumers expect High Definition and UHD/4K viewing anytime, anywhere and on any device, deliver live and on-demand video faster, more effici

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