Using Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK in the Unity* 3D Environment

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Guidelines for Developers

By Bryan Mackenzie (Intel)

March 19, 2014

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Should I submit now? Or wait until the deadline? SUBMIT NOW!

Authored by Mitchell Lum (Intel)

Hey folks!

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Good Luck to the 2014 Challengers

Authored by Daran C.

I’m old enough to remember Pong... the original one… when it was new. That's old.

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XNA runtimes on judge laptops

Authored by vladr

Hi Mitch,


Thanks a lot for the great contest ! Every year it pushes us to finish our engines/games and for that I am very personally very grateful !


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Захват видео в OpenGL приложениях с помощью Intel INDE Media Pack

Authored by Dmitry Rizshkov (Intel)

Из прошлых статей вы уже знаете, что такое Intel INDE и его компонент

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Intel® INDE Media for Mobile Tutorials - Video Capturing for Unity3d* Applications on Android*

Authored by Ilya Aleshkov

This tutorial explains how to use Intel® INDE Media for Mobile to add video capturing capability to Unity applications on Android.

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Project Anarchy: Quick start development demos

Authored by Wendy Boswell (Intel)

Whether you’re just getting started in the game development space, or you’re an old hand looking for some new tools to use that will help you compete without breaking the bank in the process,

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Geospatial Texture Streaming From Slow Storage Devices

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Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Developer's Guide

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Latest Intel Graphics Developer's Guide Last updated on 08/14/2012 - 10:08

Multithreading the Rendering Pipeline for 3D Model Animation

Authored by David Bookout (Intel)
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