Tinnitus Therapy with Intel's Edison: Kickoff

Authored by Randall Arnold
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Using Intel® IPP threaded static libraries

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Q: How to get Intel® IPP Static threaded libraries?

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New Intel® SOA Expressway for Healthcare Release Powers Patient/Provider Community Exchange at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

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It’s been about a year and half since we first released Intel® SOA Expressway for Healthcare, which is a purpose-built, easy-to-deploy integration appliance for connecting island

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Intel® SOA Expressway Passes IHE North America Connectathon

Authored by Joe Welsh (Intel)

In February 2009, Intel participated in IHE North America’s Connectathon.

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Enabling hospitals and their affiliated physicians to stay connected

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Hospitals and IDNs are increasingly looking for new ways to stay connected with their affiliated physicians to enable sharing of health information, streamline the referrals process, and provide se

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Design approaches for patient identification in health networks

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My last few posts have looked at the role of data standardization and terminology translation in enabling healthcare organizations to exchange information that can be understand by all.

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Designing for gray scale: under the hood of medical terminology translation

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My last couple posts have touched on the importance of data standards in enabling interoperability in healthcare.

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Semantic normalization: making sense out of health data

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In my last post I looked under the hood at data interoperability, examining the need for the normalization of both "syntactic" and "semantic" aspects of healthcare data.

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Peeling back the onion of health data interoperability

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Data interoperability is vital to today’s healthcare computing environment, allowing clinical information to be effectively and consistently exchanged, compared, and analyzed among healthcare partn

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A Vision for Scalable High Quality Health Information Exchange - Part 3

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This is the third of a three-part article looking at the area of interoperability and health information exchange (HIE) in the healthcare industry.

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