Comparison of Projection Methods for Rendering Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is rapidly gaining popularity, and may soon become a common way of viewing 3D environments. While stereo rendering has been performed on consumer grade graphics processors for a while now, the new wave of virtual reality display devices have two properties that typical applications have not needed to consider before. Pixels no longer appear on regular grids and the displays...
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The Creative Pipeline for VR Developers and Artists: An Introduction

The pipeline of work for creating 3D assets is becoming more and more important.

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Coarse Pixel Shading with Temporal Supersampling

In this paper we extend coarse pixel shading with a temporal supersampling scheme that notably improves image quality and provides substantial reduction in shading cost compared to checkerboard rendering.

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Comparing 3D Rendering Performance Using the Cinema 4D Mountainvista Scene Workload

Compares MAXON* Cinema 4D 32GB scene rendering performance on 4D 18-core Intel® Core™ i9 7980XE Extreme Edition processor vs a previous-gen platform.
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Week 6 - Vitruvian VR - The integration with different software

What if we could use Virtual Reality to travel across space, visit other planets and increase the awareness of our position in the cosmos? This week we want to show how Vitruvian can be integrated with different software, in particular Space Engine.
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使用 Cinema 4D Mountainvista 场景工作负载对比 3D 渲染性能

将在 4D 18 核英特尔® 酷睿™ i9 7980XE 至尊版处理器上的 MAXON* Cinema 4D 32GB 场景渲染性能和前代平台进行了比较。
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Cinema 4D* 中令人惊叹的体积效果第 2 部分: 喷发状等离子体云和块状云

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Intel® Open Image Denoise Library Saves Time, Boosts Quality

Intel has created a complete solution with a high-performance, open-source filter for images rendered with ray tracing. And it is available in beta.
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英特尔® Open Image Denoise 库有助于节省时间,提高质量

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