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Diagnostic 3180: unrecognized OpenMP #pragma

The test code below worked with Intel Composer 2013 but not with SP1 Update 5, and gives me "Diagnostic 3180: unrecognized OpenMP #pragma". Thanks in advance.]

Authored by maeshiro_mi Last updated on 08/30/2015 - 20:08
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ippiConvFull_32f_C1R error in IPP7.0

Hi, I test ippiConvFull_32f_C1R under VS2010 and IPP 7.0 on my computer. The cpu

is i5-3470 CPU@3.20GHz. 

Authored by teng w. Last updated on 08/30/2015 - 20:00
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Why no simple linear equation solver?

I looked in the INTEL MATH KERNEL library, and could not find a routine that just solves


where A is an N by N matrix, and X and B are vectors of length N.

Authored by billsincl Last updated on 08/30/2015 - 19:10
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mkl_?csrcoo for rectangular matrices?


Authored by Ariel B. Last updated on 08/30/2015 - 19:07
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[bug report] Bug for template deduction?

I am using Intel C++ compiler 15.0 for Windows and there's a simple case that cannot compile.

Authored by Shenxiu L. Last updated on 08/30/2015 - 19:06
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Performing DFTI along a single axis of 2D array

Hi there,

Authored by Dylan B. Last updated on 08/30/2015 - 19:05
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Complex 1-D DFT not respecting DFTI_THREAD_LIMIT


Authored by nicpac22 Last updated on 08/30/2015 - 18:27
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__intel_avx_rep_memset not defined

When running with gcc 4.8.3 headers installed, and icc 16.0.0, I get the the following error when using memset.  I'm running this on Fedora 20.

Authored by Bradley K. Last updated on 08/30/2015 - 18:10
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Tme to say good bye....

With release 9.0 you shot up anything.

Authored by Last updated on 08/30/2015 - 15:27
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why does cilk_spawn give me such bad performance?

I wrote a simple benchmark that takes fills two vectors with a sequence of randomly computed numbers. I'm comparing tbb, cilk, and std::async. The results I get are (milliseconds):

Authored by rnickb Last updated on 08/30/2015 - 10:32
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