Intel Software License Manager Getting Started Tutorial

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Cannot Connect to Intel® Flexlm* License Server Due to Firewall

This article will talk about how to connect to Intel® Flexlm* license server when Firewall is enabled.
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Platform Not Authorized Message

Issue Description

When attempting to use 2016 products such as VTune Amplifier with a floating license, you may encounter errors such as:

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Long license checkout on remote workstations


License checkout for 2016 and newer product versions is very slow compared to the 2015 version on machines with remote access to the floating license server.

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Slow floating license checkout

The following issues can cause slow license checkouts and result in longer compile times:
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Licensing: Setting up the client for a floating license

Steps to set up client software to point to the license server for Intel products to use floating license.
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Does a "named user license" (single user license) need an Intel® FLEXlm* License Manager?

A "named user license" (single user license) does not use a license server manager, and only requires a local license file. Only floating licenses and node locked licenses need a

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Where is the Intel® Software License Manager User's Guide?

The Intel® License Manager Users Guide is attached to this article.
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Should the Intel® License Manager for FLEXlm* be installed on the same OS that the license is limited to?

If customers try to install the Intel license manager for FLEXlm on a different machine with that the license supports, should it be allowed? The article clarifies this question.
Authored by krishna-ramkumar (Intel) Last updated on 06/01/2017 - 11:22
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