Образцы кода Intel для Интернета вещей: датчик работы кухонной плиты

Выполнив это упражнение, разработчики научатся: подключать платформу разработки Intel® Edison, предназначенную для создания прототипов и носимых компьютерных устройств и решений Интернета вещей; подключаться к интерфейсу ввода-вывода платформы Intel® Edison и хранилищу датчиков с помощью MRAA и UPM из пакета Intel® IoT Developer Kit, представляющего собой полный набор аппаратных и программных...
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Arduino 101* 蓝牙* 低能耗

Bluetooth* Low Energy (Bluetooth LE or BLE) is a low-power, short-range wireless communication technology that is ideal for use on the Internet of Things (IoT). Arduino 101* includes on-board Bluetooth LE to enable developers to interact with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as phones and tablets. In this tutorial, we'll set up a BLE blood pressure monitoring system to demonstrate the BLE...
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物联网产品开发之路: 智能家庭

为了演示产品边缘物联网解决方案(使用云数据分析)的智能家庭垂直快速路径,我们使用英特尔® 物联网开发人员套件和 Grove* 物联网商业开发人员套件创建了概念验证,并使用英特尔® 物联网网关、工业传感器、英特尔® 物联网网关软件套件、英特尔® XDK 物联网版和 IBM Bluemix* 云服务扩展为一款工业解决方案。

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从传感器到云: 将英特尔® NUC 和 Arduino 101* 开发板连接至 IBM Watson* 物联网平台

本文将介绍如何使用英特尔® 下一代计算 (NUC) 设备将 Arduino 101* 开发板上的传感器连接至 IBM Watson* 物联网平台。 您将学会如何读取 Arduino 101* 开发板的实时传感器数据、在英特尔® NUC 设备上本地查看该数据,并将数据发送至 IBM Watson* 物联网平台,以供在云中保存、查看和处理。

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Use Case: Intel® Edison Board to Microsoft Azure* Part 1

The following use case will provide you with an example of how to implement an IoT solution so that value can be gained through an IoT deployment, using the power of interconnectivity between the board, the gateway, and the cloud. We will dive into detailing the implementation process of the prototype of our solution, with this use case in mind.
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Innovation Summit 2016, Part 3: A Solution

This is not the solution that the team will use. In fact, I have the impression that people think it is a little out there. Do I think it is a little out there?

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SHEPHERD: Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in

Don't get me wrong, I was a quite willing participant with all of this. 

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Innovation Summit 2016, Part 2: The Challenge

I’ve got a little more information on the Challenge.

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Intel Innovator’s Summit 2016, Part 1

I am participating in the Intel Innovator’s Summit come November 14th in Seattle.

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Perceptual Computing: Practical Hands-Free Gaming

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Authored by Lee Bamber Last updated on 11/17/2016 - 19:28
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