SSH logins to the Phi coprocessor fail if user's shell is not bash or sh

Authored by Lazaros K.

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What causes the retired instructions to increase?

Authored by Shiv_Inside

This is a re-post from stack-overflow:

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Single-threaded memory performance for dual socket Xeon E5-* systems

Authored by Thomas B.

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no call stack information

Authored by VIKRANT G.

Hello I  am running a MPI application which is a hybrid i.e having 2 ranks on mic0 and mic1 each and 3 ranks on xeon 

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Does Intel GPA support Linux OS GPU workload analyzing?

Authored by Ken C.


I can't find any download links about intel GPA tool for Linux OS GPU workload analyzing? Only for Android analyzing but install on Ubuntu. 

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Eigenvectors using MKL

Authored by Marcos D.

Hi, I need help to calculate Eigenvectors using MKL routines.

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LU factorization for CSR matrix .

Authored by Vladimir S.

Good afternoon. Interested LU factorization CSR matrix. What function does this for a matrix of type double?

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Forum fragmentation and confusion

Authored by Stefano Romano D.

I feel that another problem in the Galileo environment right now is fragmentation and confusion, within Intel's forum ecosystem.

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Memory crash in DSS

Authored by Max T.


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no call stack information #2

Authored by Marián "VooDooMan" Meravý


I am running i7 Haswell architecture and I don't see "call stack information" in analysis as I had for Core2 in VTune.

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