Resolving High-DPI Scaling Issues for Windows* Apps

Authored by Gael Hofemeier (Intel)

This blog address DPI Scaling issues for Windows* Apps

Last updated on 05/13/2014 - 13:04

64bit build error

Authored by Gary C.

I'm seeing a build error when building on my ubuntu linux x86 box to generate yocto full image. Anyone else see this error? Works fine on a 32bit build machine.

Last updated on 04/14/2014 - 10:42

Matrix Reordering in MKL?

Authored by Robert P.

Are there any matrix reordering algorithms available in the MKL API, such as Reverse-Cuthill-McKee or Gibbs-Poole-Stockmeyer? I can't seem to find any references one way or the other.

Last updated on 04/14/2014 - 23:42

reboot hangs

Authored by Gary C.

Has anyone else experienced a reboot on hang with FULL yocto image?  I'm unable to properly reboot the machine.

[336703.394864] Restarting system.

Last updated on 04/14/2014 - 11:11

Installation Problems with Windows

Authored by Claudia A.

Hello!  I have come across an issue with installation and I have a suspicion that it has something to do with a system setting, but I have no clue where to start.

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Authored by admin
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license error for Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows

Authored by Fang Y.


I bought Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows with a license file, however, everytime I run a fortran script, there is an error message:

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Space Between

Authored by admin
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Using Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK in the Unity* 3D Environment

Authored by admin

Guidelines for Developers

By Bryan Mackenzie (Intel)

March 19, 2014

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Record the depth image

Authored by Zhang S.


Now I try to record the depth image by UtilPipeline, and I enable the capture by :

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