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problem of MPI and Openmp parallel program running on different HPC platform

Dear all,  

I have a parallel fortran code, write by hybrid of mpi and openmp, using MPI between nodes and openmp between cores in one node

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The synchronization question of question

hello everybody:

 when i use Vtune to measure my program using OpenMP,the hottest part is  _KMP_LAUNCH_THREAD.

what's this and what make it? then how i solve it?

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1.1.1 什么是并行计算

并行计算(parallel computing)是指,在并行机上,将一个应用分解成多个子任务,分配给不同的处理器,各个处理器之间相互协同,并行地执行子任务,从而达到加速求解速度,或者求解应用问题


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